Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Witch Freezer Paper Shirt Made with Pumpkin Carvings Cartridge

Micheals was having a $1.99 t-shirt sale so I stocked up.  Here is a t-shirt I made with the Cricut Pumpking Carvings Cartridge.   To create the freezer shirt follow these very simple steps:

1.  Place Freezer Paper paper side down (waxy side up) on your Cricut mat.
2. Press the flip function on your Expression, select your desing, and load your mat. 
3.  Using blade depth 3, pressure med, and speed med, cut your design.
4.  Carefully peel off the freezer paper.
5.  Iron the negative part of the design on your shirt with the waxy side down. The negative part of the cut is the stuff you normally throw away.  For these shirts, you'll need to keep it and throw away the normal cut.  I just doesn't feel right.
6. Paint the areas of the shirt.
7.  Let dry for 24 hours.
8.  Heat set with iron.
9.  Wash in cold water after 72 hours.

Supplies Used:


  1. Suuuuuuuuuper cute!

  2. Why do you flip the image if you are cutting and ironing so the waxy side is down?

  3. Great question....because the paper side adheres to the cricut mat better. I cut with the waxy side up....and when I iron...the waxy side is down...thus, I need to flip the image prior to cutting.

  4. MyCraftAdventure - I had a typo in the original post. It should say waxy side down on #1...not waxy side up...silly me! Fixed now!


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