Wednesday, July 10, 2013

$3 Garden Bench Renovation in Less Than 30 Minutes

Last week I spent a whole $3  and 30 minutes on this garden bench rennovation.  This garden bench is over 7 years old and has been stained before. I always debate whether or not I want to stain it because I love the weathered look. But last week I was shopping for chalkboard paint and I  managed to snag some spray wood stain from Michaels for $3. Time to rennovate on the cheap!
Here's how the project went:
1. I sprayed off the pigeon poop and washed the bench.
2. Lightly sanded the bench.
3. Covered the wall with an old sheet. (Who has time to move benches?)
4. Sprayed the bench like crazy.
5. Waited 15 minutes for the first coat to dry.
6. Sprayed the 2nd coat and finished off the can.
I think it came out great, and it was super easy!

Spray Wood Stain only $3!
  Don't forget to cover the wall!


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