Thursday, October 14, 2010

How to reset your cricut

If for some reason your cricut machine gets out of whack and doesn't work properly, you can follow these instructions to try and reset it.

1) First, turn your machine on with no cartridge loaded.
2) Roll all your gray dials (the two on the left and the one on the right) down to their lowest setting.
3)Grasp the green/gold cylinder blade assembly and use it to pull the entire gray carriage car unit (the one with the Cricut bug on it) along its track to the other side of the machine.
4)  Back in the cave where the gray carriage car usually sits there is a red button. Press that button and hold it down for about three seconds.
5)  Let go and then move the gray carriage car back into place.
6)  Roll all your dials all the way up and all the way down three times—three times for each dial.
7)  Hit the “Cut” button and turn the machine off. Let the machine sit for a few minutes (15-20), load a cartridge, turn it on, and try a practice cut.

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