Sunday, October 2, 2011

In This Home - Vinyl Wall Decor

I'm so excited about how my vinyl wall art turned out. It's so professional - but even better it was about about $5 instead of around $30 online. Plus - mine says we love Jesus - which makes it even more unique and special.
I created this using my Gypsy. entire size is a bit over 24" x 12". 
I used my super big Cricut mat to cut the word collage - all in one try.
The scrolls were an after thought, so they were cut separately.
The cartridges I used include:
Home Decor - for the scrolls
Storybook - for Home and Jesus words
Gypsy Font - for all of the "We ..." phrases
A Child's Year - for the other
I just moved the words around and adjusted sizes to make them fit on my mat.
I cut the vinyl using 6" blade depth and med (#2) pressure.
After it was cut, I weeded the extra vinyl off the mat.
Then I applied the transfer tape.  That was a sticky situation - LOL!
Pulled the transfer tape off, which brought the vinyl up with it.
Then, I applied it to the wall.

Now....if I make more of these...I can convince my hubby that my Cricut hobby actually does save us money!  So far - he's not convinced!

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  1. My cousins and I LOVE this!!!! Anyway you would makes us 3 of them? And what would be the charge? I don't have all if those cartridges or the gypsy. My email is Thanks so much!


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