Thursday, January 5, 2012

Newness - Cardinals and Browns Bedrooms

The Crafty Gals blogging challenge for this month is Newness! I thought I'd share the boys bedrooms that hubby and I made over the week before Christmas. heard me right...the week before Christmas - as if Christmas isn't already busy enough.  Not one room....but two. They were so surprised and happy with the new rooms!  Tomorrow I'll post how I used my cricut to change up the plain white bookcase. Be sure to check out the other crafty gals blog posts by clicking the links on the side of my blog.

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Before - Blue Boat Room
After - Red Arizona Cardinals Room

Awesome Banner and football book case!

Here's the Cleveland Browns room!
Before - Harley Davidson Room

After - Cleveland Browns Room

New Decor!

As you can see, the 1st room was much more work as it took 2 coats of paint to get the blue out. Plus the bookcase took some time and assembling the new furniture took some time too. Many folks have asked about the curtains. The curtains were purchased from Walmart. They originally were shower curtains that I cut up the middle, sewed, and hung.  They look fabulous and were cheaper and nicer than the panels I had originally considered. The bedding and trash cans were purchased from Walmart as well.

The loft beds were purchased from Ikea as well as the chair futon, cover, and curtain wires and clamps (love these)! The banners were purchased from Amazon at only $20 each. NFL Arizona Cardinals 3-by-5 Foot Helmet Flag

I love the way these rooms turned out!
Be sure to check in tomorrow to find out how I redid the bookshelf - football style! Plus leave a comment on tomorrow's blog to win some neat football brads!


  1. Great rooms! I know your boys are over the moon excited! Wow, the week before Christmas though?! You are a brave woman :)

  2. Lot of work to do on Christmas Season. Congratulations Tracie, they look GREAT!!!. While I was looking at them my son was with me and we was amazed too. Great job!!!

  3. Wow! What lucky kids you have! Great job!

  4. WOW, great room make overs! I'm sure your boys love it.

  5. Awesome rooms. I'm sure your boys loved the early Christmas present.

  6. Those are fabulous!! It's great that you let them personalize their rooms the way they feel comfortable. And, it's a great idea for the challenge this month!!

  7. Wow!!! Such great change! They looks fabulous!

  8. Wow! You did a great job with your son's rooms! I love the paint colors & decor you used! Very nice work Hun & thanks for the inspiration!!!!

  9. Nice rooms. Very creative! I love when kids have unique spaces. TFS CAthie

  10. Great rooms! The boys know they are loved when parents do things like this the week before Christmas.

  11. Great take on the challenge! Not a fan of either team but won't hold it against you ;-) I love the shower curtain ingenuity! Great thinking.


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