Thursday, September 29, 2011

7 Days of Craft Fair - Day 5 - Spa Socks Cupcakes

I was inspired by Green Beans Crafterole's blog to make this Spa Sock Cupcake.
I used Life's a Party Cricut Cartridge cupcake wrapper cut at 2 1/4"
Then I rolled the sock up, put a piece of cinnamon disk candy on top, and wrapped it up.

 Here is is all wrapped up and ready to sell at a Craft Fair.
It would look really great on a cake stand with a bunch of other Spa Sock Cupcake friends.

Today's Craft Fair Tip: Organize your craft display so that like items are together. Try not to have too many random items that don't belong with your theme. If you can stick with a theme - it will bring a sense of professionalism to your display. Shoppers know that if you taken the time to focus on your presentation, then you've taken the time to make your handmade items with quality!

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