Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Please Don't Send My Kid Home Alone...

I am extremely blessed to be able to hold a job and still "somewhat" manage my household. The bummer part is that I live about 1 hour from my job. Luckily, I work at home some days and other days I can leave early to be home for them when they get home from school. There's only day that I send them to after school care, and it's been consistent for years! Imagine my horror when I received a call from the school telling me they accidentally sent my 2nd grader home on the bus.  My heart dropped and I began frantically gathering my things to make the drive home. I also whipped out the cell phone and started the call list. You see, I live in Arizona and in a very busy neighborhood. So...combine one adorable small kid with 114 degrees and many strangers and what do you get?  A very freaked out mom - that's what you get!

Luckily, my son was smart enough to get to a neighbor's house, who called the school because she knew he wasn't where he was supposed to be.  There's a plus for being friendly with your neighbors you know! She drove him back to school where he was promptly whisked away to daycare.  The teacher apologized. I told her that God always has protected this little boy (who was born 2 lbs 6.4 oz, 11 weeks in the NICU, and surgery to boot).

Well... to avoid this crazy situation, I whipped out my Cricut and created this "gentle" reminder. Ok...it's not that gentle - it's actually 4" in diameter. It's huge on his bag.  Here's his new button that he wears on early release day now.  I hope you like my solution to this very crazy situation.  I probably went overboard, but I really don't care! 

The Cricut Cartridges I used to make this include:
Going Places for the sign
Doodle Charms for the bus
Everyday Paper Dolls for the face
Peachy Keen Stamp for the face

I did laminate it, but I took the picture before the lamination because I'm not good with camera glare!
I shared my creation on the school blog hop with MyPinkStamper this month.


  1. Finally found your blog and will be following you by email that I signed up for! Wishing you the best!!! Love this stamp and so sorry for it's necessity, but it is definitely a great idea!

  2. God sure has had it back from day one.....and glad he was able to know what to do when he got home and I hope you baked some cookies for that rockin neighbor....and great idea for his bag.

  3. Wow - I'm glad that he was safe! From a fellow freaker-outer, I think you handled this beautifully. I'm sure that the teacher will appreciate this "reminder" in the future.

  4. Quick...patent the button and make a fortune! If you ever need me I'm home at 1pm every school day.

  5. I can only imagine the freaking out---I would have been out of my head! Glad everything turned out OK. I think your reminder button is a fantastic idea and it's too cute on top of being functional!!!

  6. That is a cute button see what happens when you freak out You get creative. I'm glad your son was safe. It sounds like God has always had His hand on him.

    DIANA L.

  7. I love this project for soo many reasons! The great idea of taking things into your own hands and your sense of humor in blogging about such a scary thing. Good job Mommy! You will Mother of the Year in my book!


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