Thursday, September 8, 2011

Welcome to the Family! My New Arrival!

Welcome to the family!
Top - My new Cricut Cake
Bottom Left - Cricut Expression
Bottom Right - Cricut Imagine
Front - Cricut Personal (My Baby Bug)

My new cricut cake arrived today....
I hadn't planned on buying one...but I do love that red color. Picked this one up off of Ebay for less than $90. Such a steal considering it was just released last year for a retail price of $430. Lesson learned...never buy a Cricut when it first really don't need it that bad. Ok...I don't want to talk about why I "need" 4 cricuts.  To be honest...I own 5, but one of my baby bugs stays up north.  Each of my Cricuts have their own function and purpose.

  • Cricut Cake is my newest addition. She's meant for cakes. I figure if I don't use her much for cakes...I'll convert her to a regular pretty red expression.
  • Cricut Imagine prints and cuts. She was really frustrating to get used to because she had to get sent back to the manufacturer for an update. I think I didn't get to use her until about 1 month after I bought her. Now I use her often, but not as often as my expression.
  • Cricut Expression just cuts paper.  I love the autofill function because I can cut shapes in bulk.  I do this all the time! She can also cut up to 12" x 24".
  • Baby Bug is portable. She can go anywhere, but can only cut 6 x 12. I picked her up for really cheap from one of my favorite places to buy cartridges...I think she was $30 with a cartridge that I can sell for about $30.
In all, I realize how blessed I am to own these tools. I'm working on a plan to use my creativity for other purposes besides my own stress relief.  God's putting a "bug" in my heart again - so I'm praying for direction, and I'm confident he will respond in good time.  Until then....stay tuned!


  1. being the uncrafty person that i am, i still think your new little tools are pretty cool and you'll do great things with them.... and you'll get that extra direction you're looking for when the time is right :)


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